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Below is a list of commonly asked questions about Silver Star’s email service. If you have questions that aren’t addressed on this page, please contact us or visit our Google Apps support page.

General Email FAQ

I want to use Outlook or another offline email client. What settings should I use?

We recommend you try our new app portal first, visit My Google Mail to check it out!

Username: this is your full Silver Star email address. Ex:

Password: this is the password you chose when you signed up for service.

Incoming Server Settings
IMAP (Incoming) Settings
SSL: Required
Port: 993
POP3 (Incoming) Settings*
SSL: Required
Port: 995
Outgoing Servers Alternate SMTP (Outgoing) Server Settings
Google SMTP (Outgoing) Server Settings
SSL or TLS: Required
SSL Port: 465
TLS Port: 587
Requires User/Pass Authentication *
Port: 25
Requires User/Pass Authentication *

Help with Google Mail & My Smartphone: Click Here.

*If using POP please login to your My Google Mail account, click here, to allow POP mail client access.

  • Once logged in click Google Mail from app launcher
  • Click gadget in top right of mail screen
  • Select settings
  • Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Go through and make selections from POP Download section
  • Click save at the bottom of the screen
  • You can now go and successfully set up a mail client with POP


You only need to configure one Incoming Server and one Outgoing server in your settings.

How do I change my password?

  • Log in to My Google Mail online using your current password
  • Click the drop down arrow next to the gadget sign in the top right corner
  • Select “Manage Profile”
  • Select “Change Password” under Account Information on the left
  • Enter old password
  • Enter new password with new requirements
    • 8-20 characters
    • With 3 of the following 4 attributes:
      • One number [0-9]
      • One special character: !@#$%^&*()~`-=_+[]\{}|:”;’,./<>?
      • One uppercase letter
      • One lowercase letter
    • Do not use email address
  • Change your password in your email client (Outlook, Entourage, etc.) account settings.
  • Change your password on your smartphone or other devices.

I’ve forgotten my password, how can I make a new one?

If you are unable to access your account because you have forgotten your account password please call email support at 307.883.2411 or 208.354.3300 (option 3, then option 2 for email support).

What are the password requirements?

    • 8-20 characters
    • With 3 of the following 4 attributes:
      • One number [0-9]
      • One special character: !@#$%^&*()~`-=_+[]\{}|:”;’,./<>?
      • One uppercase letter
      • One lowercase letter
    • Do not use email address

How do I add another email to my account?

To add a new email contact Customer Care Support

Mass Emails

Google places some limitations on email size, sent and received quantities, etc. as detailed below:

  • Webmail Outbound Messages limit: 500 per day (50 recipients times 10 emails for example)
  • Maximum recipients per email using the Google Apps Mail interface: 500 per email
  • Maximum recipients per email using a 3rd party mail client: 100 per email (a user could send five such emails in a 24 hour period using a mail client)
  • IMAP Simultaneous Connection Limit: 10
  • Email with Attachment Combined Size Limit: 20MB
  • The Google system limits bandwidth allocations so that an individual user does not impact the overall throughput of the system as a whole. These limits are in place, but Google does not publish how much bandwidth is available on a per user basis or where these limits begin.
  • Exceeding any of the above limits may result in the account being disabled for up to 24 hours. Accounts are automatically reinstated after 24 hours.


How do I unlock my email account?

If you are experiencing authentication/password errors using a mail client you will need to contact us to update your password and then unlock your email account using the button below.

  • Contact us to update your password 307.883.2411 OR 208.354.3300, option 3 for Tech Support, then option 2 for Email Support.
  • Login to your Google Mail account using and then click My Google Mail in a new web browser window.
  • Come back to this page, Email FAQ Support, click Unlock Email button.

Unlock Email

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