If you’re looking for fast and reliable Internet service accompanied by Google Mail and Google Apps, Silver Star is your best choice.  Silver Star’s fiber optic network is on par with that in many metro areas – powered by the latest technology to get you the Internet service you can depend on.  Whether you choose Wired or Wireless Internet, Silver Star offers:

What you get with Silver Star:

  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Responsive customer service
  • Competitive prices
  • Google Mail and Google Apps

Internet - Any Way You Want It!

Wired Internet

Get Wired Internet

Our most reliable, proven Internet technology with the highest speed options and backed by fiber. For the best value, pair with landline service or a low-cost safety line (just $25 per month!).

Wireless Internet

Get Wireless Internet

This is a rural region and not every far flung spot has a wired connection. We have wireless solutions with speeds up to 10Mb.

Mobile Broadband

Get Mobile Broadband

Take your Internet service with you. Convenient for people on the go who don’t work from the same spot every day, this service is delivered via our mobile phone towers.