Fiber to the Home

Do you live in a Fiber to the Home development or are you looking at purchasing a home in a fiber to the home development? 

Fiber to the Home is available in many newer developments throughout our serving area. Fiber to the Home creates a tech-ready home prepared for high-speed Internet access, video and voice services. As broadband services continue to advance and require more and more bandwidth, Fiber to the Home properties will be equipped to handle these advanced services.

Currently, with Internet service fed by Fiber, you can reach upload speeds of up to 5Mb and download speeds up to 20Mb.

Contact us to schedule the connection of fiber services to your new home.

If you are building in a developments with fiber to the home, you will need to plan for the following:

  • Pick up a communications enclosure at your local Silver Star Communications office.
  • Place the communications enclosure next to your power meter.
  • Provide a 120 volt outlet in the upper right hand corner of the communications enclosure.
  • Provide a #6 ground from the MGN to the ground bar inside the communications enclosure.
  • Provide conduit to the communications enclosure.

Click here for detailed information on the communications enclosures.