Building a New Home

When designing your new home or renovating an existing home, it's important to wire properly to accommodate the various technologies you will be incorporating in your home. Placement for phones, offices, televisions, alarm systems, and home media centers should all be considered.

We recommend designating a small, heated room suitable for electronics as your equipment room. Placing your media panel in this equipment room provides a central location for all of your wiring.

Certified Wiring Program

Silver Star provides wiring services to ensure that your home is ready and equipped to handle all of your entertainment and communications services. We offer a 10-year warranty on our wiring. 

Click here to view details on our Certified Home program.

Wiring your own Home

If you choose to wire your own home, the following guidelines will help you in making sure you have the inside wiring structure needed for quality services.

  • Four Cat5e four pair cables and two dual Coaxial Cables should run from the media center to a point close to the power entry point or the communications enclosure on the outside of the home. Other service providers may need an alternate entry location.
  • Run two Cat5e cables from each phone jack location to the media center, one for phone and a separate one for data.
  • For possible TV locations, run two Cat5e and one RG6 coaxial cables to the media panel.
  • Terminate all cabling using connectors listed in recommended materials list. See the recommended materials below.

Recommended Materials

If you choose to have another contractor wire your building, we recommend you use the following materials to ensure that your building is ready to accommodate the various technologies needed for your business.

  • Cat5e 4 pair station wire
  • RJ11 jacks for Voice
  • RJ45 jacks for Data or video
  • RF connectors for Coaxial Cable
  • 3Ghz RG6 coaxial cable for DBS or CATV

Recommended Medial Panel Materials

  • Voice Only: Minimum 14” recessed panel or 2’ x 2’ plywood backboard
  • Voice and Data: Minimum 28” recessed panel or 2’ x 3’ plywood backboard
  • Voice, Data, Video or CATV: Minimum 42” recessed panel or 2’ x 4’ plywood backboard